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A cross-platform multimedia processing framework

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Advantages of BMF

A universal multimedia processing framework that provides a concise and easy-to-use cross-language interface, flexible scheduling and scalability!




The atomic capability of video processing provided by modules, loose coupling between module and framework, thus decoupling the algorithm from the project, which greatly enhances the scalability and diversified collaboration capabilities.


BMF helps users achieve functional and performance requirements in complex scenarios with a small development cost through various solutions

High Performance

BMF provides a configurable parallel scheduler, multiple usage modes, and advanced features for dynamically adjusting Graph to achieve a high-performance scheduling mechanism responsible for the operation of DAG/Graph/Pipeline


Cross-OS platform: Linux, Windows, Android, Mac,
Cross-processor architecture: x86, ARM,
Heterogeneous computing support


Users can arbitrarily choose Python, C++, or Go to focus on the module develop, which decouples the processing modules developed in different languages ​​from the development language used by upper-level applications, which greatly enhances the usability

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