Subgraph Mode

If you need to use subgraph, you can refer to the following example.

Build Subgraph

See \ref for detailed reference to how subgraph is built. This example first makes the original video a vertical flip, and then overlays an image.

from bmf import SubGraph

class subgraph_module(SubGraph):
     def create_graph(self, option=None):
         # Build subgraph here

When building a subgraph, you need to enter the name of the input streams into Subgraph’s self.inputs:

# input stream name, used to fill packet in

After that, you need to output the output streams:

# finish creating graph
self. output_streams = self. finish_create_graph([output_stream])

Using Subgraphs

The method of using subgraph is similar to other modules:

bmf.module([video['video'], overlay['video']], 'subgraph_module')

If you need the complete code, you can refer to

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